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Learning Facility : Cultural Centre : Retreat : Performance Space : Dance School : Eco-Hub

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The Blema Centre of Arts & Culture was born out of a lifelong dream of our founder Nii Tagoe, to give back to the communities by spreading his love for the African culture, and sharing his wealth of knowledge from years of travel and studying what the rich continent has to offer. Nii’s mission is to raise the awareness of Africa's place as the cradle of mankind, respectfully drawing on rich and abundant histories, wisdoms and cultures to empower people back to the roots, the Motherland.

In a time of increasing foreign influence, the centre will be a place that holds traditional culture and heritage at the heart of its ethos. Drawing on the vast richness of cultural knowledge and heritage from Ghana and the wider African continent, this multi-disciplinary centre will be open not only to local people but also to foreign visitors. The list of disciplines ranges from drumming, dancing and music making to cookery, tailoring, farming and sustainable architecture. Responding to some of the greatest challenges of our time, the centre will be created in harmony with the earth and built with innovative architecture inspired by traditional eco-friendly techniques from around the world.

The aim of this great space is to increase local and global pride of African cultures in the modern context & to provide a place where curious minds have the freedom to explore and discover their passions. A place where individual and collective expressions are uplifted and supported. Connecting to people and organisations further afield will be a crucial part of its yearly activity, creating a hub of cultural exchange. This will not only boost the local economy but provide much needed facilities. Above all else what ties the different elements of the centre together is a dedication to preserving & developing the rich opportunities that this land has to offer.

Building work on the land from ground up is currently in progress. Achieving this vision requires time, commitment and investment, therefore we welcome anyone who would like to join us in being part of this mission. To know more please get in touch with us here.

Meet The Team



A gathering space to share, partake in, enjoy and learn about the African performing arts culture


Enriching lessons in drumming, singing, dancing, music-making, drama and storytelling



A resource for cultural archives and study materials for the community



Journey on the stories of Africa and its people through film and documentary





Providing a safe and positive environment for underprivileged youths and children

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Savour local heartwarming cuisine and chill out over drinks



Contribute to the local craftsmen communities by buying their handicrafts and wares



Experience all of the centre has to offer, have access to its facilities and live like a local



Drawing on afro-centric knowledge, meditation and spiritual retreats with a difference



Hands-on experience learning from local craft artisans - such as pottery, basketry, carpentry and sewing



Postitive environmental footprint through sustainable farming practices inspired by the farmers of Nsakina

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Introduction to the Ghanaian cuisine, one that is full of flavour and a reflection of  the local culture and history



Working with international sister organisations Frititi (UK) and Sankofa (Singapore), year-round retreats will be organised for students who want to visit the Motherland and immerse themselves in local culture and history. These trips will be centred around cultural exchange and encourage local faciliators and students of the centre to share what they have been learning with foreign visitors. Retreats will also be multidisciplinary, drawing on dance, drumming, song, music, as well as local history, cuisine and spiritual practices.

Full board experiences can be offered and students will get to live like the locals, immersing themselves in the local Ghanaian practices and daily way of life.

Festivals & Performances

Working with local organisations to create festivals celebrating African culture and heritage. These can be based around local festivals such as the Omowo Festival and will integrate local cultural practices. The aim will be to bring foreign participants who want to engage with local celebrations.

Performances will also be held to showcase the learning and development taking place at the centre. These will include drumming, dance, theatre, acrobatics, magic, film and anything else that the talented residents would like to showcase.

Dance/Drum Training & Residencies

Drawing on the vast drumming and dancing traditions not only within Ghana but the wider African continent, the centre aims to be be the best in the region at training drummers and dancers. The focus will be on excellence and high quality arts. The long term vision is to work with sister organisations in the UK and Singapore, training drummers and dancers there, as well as touring and showcasing productions around the world.

Year-round programme of cultural exchanges with artists from around the world who would come and share their wisdom and knowledge in exchange for a residential stay at the centre.

Spiritual Healing & Counselling

The centre will be a place of sanctuary and safety grounded in African spiritual practices and beliefs. These rituals and practices will give order to the daily programme of activities. People seeking spiritual healing and counselling from the Motherland can come and learn from a completely different perspective to those taught by many religions around the world.


Central to these beliefs is a respect and understanding for the different elements. As such there will be a deep respect for the land and the elements around us that make up our existence and experiences.

Cultural Immersion Trips

To places in Ghana and beyond. Using the centre as a base there will be much to explore.


Working with with local and foreign travel agencies to offer cultural based itineraries where visitors will get to witness welcoming rituals and performances, experience communal dining tucking into lovingly prepared African feasts, and thereafter be allowed to explore the rest of the centre and what it has to offer as part of the overall trip experience.

The activities listed above will provide part of the revenue streams for the centre. The main branch of this income will be from visiting individuals and groups to the centre. Their trips will be supported by the everyday running of the centre which will bring down the cost of food and accommodation. The centre will also function with alternative economies so that individuals can invest with knowledge and expertise. International performances and workshops offered through the centre will provide another revenue stream.

The restaurant bar and shop will provide additional income. These will be supported by training programmes for different aspects of business management, production and trade for local workers. This incubation model aims to provide vital expertise and knowledge whilst strengthening the management and offerings of the centre, which will also boost the local economy and provide job/training opportunities.

In the long term it is also hoped that the centre will have an orphanage. This much needed facility will provide shelter and educational facilities for the most vulnerable in the region. The social mission of the centre is to cater to different sectors of society and the orphanage is an important part of this mission.


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