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Some schools that have benefited from our programme:

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  • Formula One Singtel Singapore Grand Prix (2010, 2011, 2013)

  • Asian Civilisations Museum’s Amazing Africa Festival (Singapore) - 2011

  • Four Seasons Resorts (Maldives)

  • Jungle Book Production - Shopping Festival (Dubai)

  • Kultfest (Croatia)

  • Samhain Festival (Ireland)

  • WOMAD (Caceres, Singapore and Las Palmas)

  • Teatro Padre Cruz (Portugal)

  • Zesz Festival (Hungary)

  • Fespam Festival (Brazzaville, Congo)

  • African Youth Cup Championship Opening Celebrations (Brazzaville, Congo)

  • Szeged Festival (Hungary)

  • OLAM's 25th Anniversary Celebrations (Singapore)


We honour the great spirit and ancestry of the African culture by dedicating time to study and respect the different dances and music repertoires from the African continent and the people who are the keepers of this knowledge. Championing this through our performances, workshops and educational programmes, we hope to empower the next generations to come.

Notable Performances


  • The Enthronement of the 104th and 105th Archbishops of Canterbury


  • 2010 World Cup Opening Celebrations at Trafalgar Square

  • Make Poverty History Campaign addressed by Nelson Mandela

  • Support Africa with Patty Boulaye

  • Black History Month (Richmond)

  • The  African Ambassadors Interactive Forum with the African Diaspora & Awards

  • Lord Mayor's Appeal Gala Dinner

  • South African Evangelical Church Fundraiser

  • Coveting Africa: The European Desire; people, land, wealth, public

  • Bristol City Council’s Exile Express

  • South African Charity Golf Day, Gala dinner attended by Mr FW de Clerk & South African ambassador

  • 2012 Olympics Get Set London Roadshows

  • Tribe of Doris, Intercultural Summer School

  • Barclay’s Bank Branches Official openings

  • Amnesty International Campaigns

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Frititi's performances include several high-energy traditional African dances, each accompanied by the musical instruments and costumes authentic to their countries of origin. These dances, performed to the highest level of skill and presentation, are briefly introduced so that the audiences understand the meaning and relevance of the dances.

With dances such as Kpanlogo from Ghana, to Wali from Guinea, Kumpo from Senegal, Mbende from Zimbabwe, Lizombe from Tanzania, Tematei from Ivory Coast, Mozambique’s Semba to South Africa's Zulu dance Iphi Yeza, Frititi's dancers and drummers will delight, educate and inspire audiences from all corners of the world. The company’s strength lies in the performers’ vast knowledge of both the content of the dances as well as the complexities and subtleties of the dances and rhythms of the African continent.


Classes & Workshops

The company is very rooted at the community level, running weekly public dance classes since 2001 that are open to everyone of all levels.

Our classes introduce participants to African dances and rhythms, demonstrating the complex relationships between drummers, and between drummers and dancers - thus encouraging understanding, respect and enjoyment of African dance, music and culture.

Frititi is also available for dance and drumming workshops in venues such as schools, community centres and dance theatres, and for events such as festivals, corporate bonding, therapeutic sessions, community events, school programs etc.



EducationAL WORK

Bring a Piece of Africa into Your Classroom is part of an education programme that FRITITI has been developing with schools in the UK and abroad since 2000. The programme aims to provide an all-round cultural experience, exploration and exchange, designed specifically to enhance young people’s experiences of the curriculum, by bringing out their individual cultural identities. All the workshop leaders are highly trained professionals with excellent references and verifiable spotless reputations.


Our classes take place every Tuesdays at the Brixton Recreation Centre, 27 Brixton Station Rd, London SW9 8QQ, United Kingdom. 


For more information on our classes, write to us at, or request to be added to our mailing list at 

**Kindly note that classes are on hold at the moment, but we hope to resume soon, so watch this space!

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